2015 Workshop reviews...

March 14-15 Street Photography - Practical Techniques

Photo By: Lavina Petrache

Photo By: Lavina Petrache

- I took a 2-day street photography workshop with Peter. I had little previous experience but nevertheless I showed him a few of the photos that I had recently taken. His advice was incredibly spot-on and he took time to detail for each photo what worked or what didn’t for him or what else I could have done to make a stronger photo. We had plenty of time for him to explain his own approach to street photography. I was very pleasantly surprised when Peter showed me not just his photographs that he displays on his website, but even very “raw” photos that he had just developed, telling me which ones worked for him and which didn’t.

The two days were spent balanced between shooting on the streets (we went to the Mission district and Chinatown) and receiving feedback in his studio. It was incredible how after a couple of hours of discussing street photography with him I was able to go on the streets and have more confidence than I ever had! I entered shops, smiled at people, chatted with some. Peter’s advice was great and he managed to eliminate my fear of getting close to people. I learned a lot about light, which I had been neglecting until then, and I learned about the importance of knowing your camera. On the streets he was always nearby and I was able to go and ask him questions whenever I had doubts. He was pretty much photographing as well, and at the end of the weekend we were both able to look at what the other shot and exchange impressions.

Peter’s workshop was incredible in terms of explaining me where I am and what I need to work on, he made me feel very comfortable and opened my eyes regarding many aspects of photography. It motivated me a lot and now I have my camera always with me, learning to look around and pay more attention to my surroundings.    

-Lavina Petrache