“Wet Plate Photography Workshop - Beginners"

An Immersive hands-on 1-day Workshop (May 30th 2015)


Immerse yourself in the world of Wet Plate Collodion photography with this intro workshop.

I am excited to offer this unique Wet Plate Photography Workshop for Beginners celebrating the artistry of hand made images - Emeryville, CA (May 30th 2015). 

I will teach you the working understanding of the chemistry, equipment, and setup required to make your own tintypes to pouring and exposing your first (tintype) plate, I will take the time to help you understand the fundamentals of wet plate photography from safe handling of the chemistry and techniques to creating stunning images that will last a lifetime.

 In this informative and comprehensive 1-day workshop, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of handling, mixing and creating your chemistry.

  • Equipment requirements - camera and darkroom.

  • Shooting and processing techniques.

  • Pouring and developing techniques and trouble shooting.

  • Practical tips & techniques to help you become a better wet plate photographer.

No previous experience in wet plate or analogue photography is required for this class, but it is important to understand that this is a slow, and technique driven way of making photographs. Our emphasis is on having participants learn safe practices and good technique along with a strong, creative visual sensibility. Although we supply the core equipment, chemistry, and models for this workshop, please carefully read the What To Bring section and contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.


Workshop outline:

I will cover the basics and get you making your first plates. This is an opportunity to discuss how collodion, which is orthochromatic, sees, as well as how to determine exposure and refine your technique for pouring and developing your plates.

What To Bring:

  • Safety Glasses - you will need a comfortable pair of glasses with clear lenses. If you already wear prescription glasses these are fine.

  • Apron - this is optional but please be advised that the chemistry you will be using causes permanent black stains on fabric, so bring an apron or wear “art” clothes that can get dirty.

  • Plate Transport - this is critical. At the end of the workshop you will have several 4x5 inch plates to transport home. These plate will not be fully cured and will still be fragile. 4x5 sheet film boxes are perfect for transporting your plates, please bring 3-4 of these, or a similar box with you. If you are unable to find anything, we do sell plate transport boxes for $2.00 each.

Optional - if you have a 4x5 format camera and /or lenses that you think may be suitable for wet plate please contact us to see if it's suitable. It’s always great to learn on your own equipment. We can help advise you on what to bring. Please note that if you are bringing your own camera you will need a sturdy tripod and head that will comfortably support your camera.

What’s Supplied

  • Equipment - I supply cameras, lenses, and tripods along with wet plate holders, and darkroom equipment.

  • Chemistry - I supply all chemistry and plates required for the workshop.

  • Models - I will supply a selection of experienced models.


Workshop Dates & Tuition -

(May 30th, 2015)  - 9:30 to 4pm / may go longer)

Tuition:  300.00 USD