• Peter DaSilva

Peter DaSilva is an independent photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been photographing local and regional events, along with prominent people throughout the West Coast for more than two decades.

He has worked for the Associated Press, as a staff photographer for the Oakland Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle and currently shoots for the New York Times. Peter has been published in periodicals from around the world, including the Los Angeles Times, Business Week, International Herald Tribune, News Week, the Chicago Tribune, NYT Up Front, Der Spiegel as well as the Washington Post.

DaSilva has a unique talent for photographing people within their environment. During the past twenty years, he has been assigned to shoot most of Silicon Valley’s CEO’s for the New York Times, creating a who’s who of young entrepreneurs.

Peter is also the creator of a line of practical accessories used by photographers from the White House to the Olympics. His company OverXposed Photographic Gear, designs and markets camera platforms as well as other unique tools for photographers.

DaSilva’s latest passion is creating photographs with the use of a hundred and fifty-year-old process. Wet-plate collodion photography requires very long exposures because the medium is not very sensitive to light. This required subjects in the 1800’s to sit still for extended periods of time and precluded any movement.

Peter incorporates massive strobes, developed in the fifties, to generate huge amounts of light, which allow him to freeze a moment in time. He is the only photographer I know capturing full body movement on wet-plate collodion.

I invite you to look around this website and see some of the amazing images. I promise you will be as impressed as I am. I also invite you to register for one of Peter’s workshops. You’ll have the unique opportunity to pick his brain and acquire valuable insights into the craft of photography.