Reality Check…

OH Shit! - 4x5 Speed Graphic  Kodak TriX 

OH Shit! - 4x5 Speed Graphic Kodak TriX 

According to the Urban Dictionary:

reality check...
A word or phrase used to bring a person back into the life of those around them, sometimes used to smash hopes and dreams.

As San Francisco rents rise to an all time high for any city across the country. Many of the people who make up the fabric and culture of the area can’t afford to live in this region of California any more.

If you’re not working for one of the large tech firms or ambitious start-ups, funded by millions of VC dollars. The clock is ticking and ticking exponentially fast, especially for those who work out side that industry—artist, creatives, small business owners, service industry workers, to individuals who thought they were well paid and have been living comfortably in this region for decades.

Well, my clock timed out the other day. Not sure if my heart skipped a few beats or just stopped. I think is was the latter, because time just stood still, it got quite, not even a breath as I read a notice from my landlord, notifying me that my rent was going up almost 35% in 60 days.

Reality check…yes!  I refuse to let some greedy landlord rob me of my hopes and dreams. Not willing to give them another cent, I've decided to make a few life changing decisions — so I'm moving on...packing up whats important to me, streamlining my life, selling off the studio (which I dearly love, after building it from scratch) and taking care of family. Change is always hard, but having the support of all my friends and family, it will be amazing and for the better!

The Immortals Project is on ready stand-by, and my focus will be on what I do best, photojournalism and my personal BW film work. I’ve already found a home for the WingLynch, so the film images will live on. I will be available during the transition, ready to shoot digital, film and video assignments. All contact info will be the same. I just won’t have a studio anymore.

So stay tune for the massive studio sale. Looking for some studio and grip equipment? This will be the place to find all kinds of stuff. I’m compiling the list now. It’s going to be pretty extensive, ranging from small super clamps, c-stands, mini booms, 12’ Arkay studio camera stand, suction cup car rigs, flags and scrims of all sizes, to a 16ft overhead frame with silks and scrims. Along with the studio equipment, there will be furniture, tools, original framed prints and so on.

Send me a message for a list or inquiries to many unique items on hand. Help me streamline so I can move on to bigger and better things!